EcoMerc was founded in 1981 by a group of professors at Odense University in Denmark. Our main activities are software development and consulting for private and public industries. Earlier activities included development of EPJ’s for private medical clinics and analytic software for financial industries. Currently, EcoMerc is focusing on strategic organizational diagnosis and design. Its main tool is the knowledge-based expert system OrgCon®. It is a Windows® compatible software. In January 1997, EcoMerc expanded its network from its home base at SDU-Odense University, Denmark, to the United States as we included Professor Richard M. Burton as a partner. EcoMerc merged with Managers Hotline in October 2000. In May 2005 EcoMerc separated from Managers Hotline and is now an independent firm owned by Richard M. Burton and Børge Obel.

Their joint research has culminated in the publication of the third edition of Strategic Organizational Diagnosis and Design: The Dynamics of Fit, 2004 at Springer. The book is an up-to-date statement on the science of organizational design. One primary feature of the book is its direct focus on design supported by the science of organization theory, which provides the basis for the OrgCon® diagnosis and design software. In 2006 they published Organizational Design: a Step-by-Step Approach together with Gerardine DeSanctis. The 2nd edition of this book was published in 2011.