Evaluating People and Performance in your organization or team is an important part of your role as leader and manager in order to develop and build your team and your individual employees.

People and Performance evaluations are your opportunity to give your employees candid feedback on their performance and behaviour. To be successful, evaluations require mutual understanding of the process; expectations of input and outcomes, and a high level of transparency; ability to see the connections and dependencies in the performance management system inspires trust in the system, and thus gives employees a real feeling of being able to influence the process. Your attention to people and performance evaluations as a manager is a reflection of your leadership skills – and needs to be a priority.

Traditional evaluation processes are too often elaborate, complicated, narrative, disconnected from company strategy, or even team targets, and rarely offers a built-in follow-up in order to gain full value from the actions and focus points agreed upon with your employees, which are then more likely to be forgotten soon after the formal review.

People® is your easily accessible, online tool to identify the strengths & development needs in your team enabling you to create specific improvement plans and set up individual development goals for your employees. It offers a full overview of the team capabilities, performance level and development needs, as well as structured follow-up on action and development plans.

People® ensures full transparency in the evaluation process, and connects company strategy with team goals and personal development for the individual employee.