People® is People and Performance Development for people focused and result oriented organizations of all sizes, global and local. It is an online tool that allows your managers to easily access and evaluate the performance and behaviour of their employees based on the employee’s job role, responsibilities and the company culture and values.

People® provides an effective process for your company to follow up on the successful implementation of strategic initiatives on both the organizational and the people level. The tool allows you to access reports that give you a complete overview of your organization with specific details of:

  • Your High and Low Performers
  • Your High Potential employees
  • Your Retention risks
  • Your organization’s critical people and capabilities


In order to encourage Great Leadership in your organization, you should provide your managers with Great People Management tools as the foundation for your managers to manage people, get great performance from their teams, and free up time for them to be Great People Leaders.

People® offers your managers the tools to infuse a positive sense of purpose and identity to each of their employees by connecting each employee to the company strategy and goals. This not only makes your organization more effective in terms of meeting your targets and increasing performance levels, it provides intrinsic value, which boosts employee commitment and engagement. Research shows that organizations with high levels of employee engagement outperform the earnings of peers by 57% (Source: Gartner Research, Reach Peak Performance Through Employee Engagement, Otter 2012).