The top-of-mind for HR

Redesigning performance management and using new technologies for recruitment are top-of-mind for HR this year.

Bersin by Deloitte just issued the “Predictions for 2015” and here is the cliff-notes for HR and Performance Management (systems).

For HR the second most important issue is:

2. Redesign of performance management to continue: Companies will look to simplify their performance process from “complex” and “unhappy”, to more “coaching-oriented” and “focused on development.” / Bersion by Deloitte

This leads nicely into the top 5 most important shifts that will impact corporate talent, leadership, and HR strategies:

  1. Technology has removed the barrier between work and life.
  2. Employee engagement, culture, and leadership are lifeline issues.
  3. Learning, capabilities, and skills are the currency of success.
  4. HR as a function is at a crossroads and must reinvent itself.
  5. Data is now integral to all decisions HR must make.

Our People® will help your organization preparing for these shifts.

  1. People is a technology that removes the barrier between work and life, but in a simple non intrusive way that empowers your employees
  2. The core of people is to engage employees by distributing the company values and performance
  3. People lets managers develop their team members excactly by creating simple action plans for learning, and both personal and professional development
  4. People is the reinvention of HR
  5. And with advanced reporting for strategic decision making People is the data tool for HR

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