Certified Consultant

Online training

EcoMerc now offers an efficient and in-depth online training course for you to become a Certified OrgCon Consultant.

The online training course is a great opportunity for you who already work with organizational design and wish to expand your services or simply just want to broaden your theoretical knowledge.

As a Certified OrgCon Consultant you will be able to take organizational design to the next level in that the course enables you to support an organization in a very versatile world.

The online training course will take you through how you discover unused opportunities in the strategic design of an organization and how you formulate a change process aiming at adjusting these unused opportunities to create a more efficient and profitable organization.

As part of the online training course you will get to

  • Read the book “Organizational Design: A Step-by-Step Approach” written by Børge Obel & Richard Burton – this is done prior to the online training.
  • Download and work with the OrgCon program.
  • Work with organizational design cases.
  • Attend three two hours long webinars.
  • Solve a real life case selected by you as the final exam.;
  • Use the OrgCon license for three months after you are certified.

It is important for EcoMerc to ensure that you can bring OrgCon to use in the real world. This is why we make you select your own case for the final assignment of the Certified OrgCon Consultant course. This ensures us that you understand how to use OrgCon for the benefit of your future costumers and it helps you close the gap between theory and real life.

Sign up here for a course to become a Certified OrgCon Consultant.

The online training course takes approximately 11 weeks from you receive the book till you have passed your final exam.

Please be aware that you may not pass the final exam if you do not meet the course deadlines or have not understood the assignments you need to work with throughout the online training course. You cannot predict the future but by using OrgCon, you can prepare for it.

We are very much looking forward to meeting you online.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Customized training courses

If you are a group of minimum five people,  a larger company or organization, EcoMerc can customize an online training course for you to become Certified OrgCon Consultants.

Please contact EcoMerc for further information.

In-house training

Our in-house training is useful if your organization is large enough to have an in-house organizational design department.

In-house strategic design departments can have their people certified in order to perform organizational diagnosis and design projects as well as initiate appropriate change processes.

Please contact EcoMerc for further information regarding in-house training.