Diagnosis and Design

EcoMerc can  help you diagnose the strategic and organizational situation to highlight lost opportunities or organizational misfits  and what can be done to develop an organization in fit. EcoMerc uses the OrgCon software which has been extensively validated in use by executives. OrgCon incorporates knowledge from the state of the art organizational design literature.

The Diagnosis and Design process systematically guides the executive team to determine an organizational design solution for the organization.  The OrgCon software program is central to the design process.  The OrgCon program focuses on identifying design alternatives which are efficient (resources) and effective (results).

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Adaptation of the design process to the Client’s requirements

The diagnosis and design process can be tailored to meet the specific situations and needs of the client in order to achieve a better design solution.

There are many situations where the diagnosis and design process is highly appropriate a.o.:

  1. Diagnosis of the current strategic situation
  2. Evaluation of a new Organizational Design
  3. Evaluation of design possibilities in a merger situation
  4. Analyzing potential responses to a new market environment (changes in the competition etc.)
  5. Review of the consequences of introducing new systems or procedures